A.R.T. of the Ride

 1490708987You already know how to ride so the ART of the Ride course is designed is to take your riding skills to the next level. This program will sharpen your existing riding skills set while as well as teach you advanced skills and new techniques. Our goal is to improve your riding abilities which in turn increases confidence and results in safer riding. Our parking lot drills are designed to impress upon the rider knowledge and experience in a learning environment free of distractions. Small class sizes lead to increased personal attention from our skilled instructors. 

A.R.T. of the Ride is designed to be completed in one day and should be taken on your own motorcycle. It is important to practice on the bike you will be riding after you have taken the class. A.R.T. of the Ride covers many topics which are covered using practical exercises and on-range "chalk-talk" discussions. These include:

  • Vision
  • Throttle control
  • Throttle/Brake Overlap
  • Proper riding posture
  • Low speed maneuvers
  • Road speed maneuvers
  • and emergency braking

 1001552510Participants will leave the class with the knowledge to better handle and maneuver the motorcycle in a variety of different situations. A.R.T. of the Ride also provides students with the information necessary to conitnue improving their skills though self evaluation whenever out for a ride. Students will finish the class more knowledgeable and will be better prepared for what ever lies ahead.

How to prepare for class

  • Come well rested
  • Arrive with your street legal motorcycle in good operating condition*
  • Required riding gear includes 
    • ¾ or full face helmet
    • Street motorcycle jacket
    • Motorcycle specific full finger gloves
    • Sturdy over the ankle boots
    • Motorcycle specific riding pants
    • Eye protection (if not integrated into helmet)
    • Rain gear**
  • Bring lots to drink and a lunch as we will be going all day!

Please contact us for the class schedule and locations.

*Good Operation Condition includes DOT approved street tires in good serviceable condition as well as ensuring that all fluids (oil, hydraulic, and coolant - if applicable) are in good condition and topped up. Drive chains should also be properly adjusted and within acceptable wear limits. These items are all important to ensure optimum safety for the learner and fellow participants in the class.

**These classes are provided rain or shine so use your best judgement based on weather conditions. If severe weather is determined to be dangerous (high winds and/or lightning) then the instructor may reschedule.